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Expat in Departments of Motor Vehicles (Motorizzazione Civile) in Italy, tells you everything about how to pass your test and obtain the driving license in Italy. If you are struggling to buy a driving license, we can help you get a driving license with theory test and driving test certificate. Buy Italian driving license online and get test certificates.

The Italian driving license is called a patente. It is valid in all countries of the European Union and includes 20 points.

  • It must be renewed every 10 years with a medical visit:
  • This obligation increases to 5 years from 50 years old.
  • Finally, the Italian driving license must be renewed every 3 years from the age of 70.

Buy Italian driving license without test

In case you wish to get an Italian driving license, you must pass a medical exam, followed by theory and practical tests. Driving without a permit may have legal consequences, and you can even be jailed for violation. italian driver’s license

If you are an immigrant with no European ties, you may have a tough time applying for an Italian driver’s license. Things get much easier when you work with us, as we provide 100% authentic documents without any formalities and hefty expenses.

Buy Italian driving license without test

To apply for an Italian driving license without test,

You need !!

  • Proof of Identification
  • Your passport size picture
  • Your current address to add on driving license

One of the main reasons to buy a driver’s license online is that you do not need to take any kind of driving test or exams. All papers are processed with legal Authorities. Buy real UK driving license without test – Can i buy uk driving licence in 2022 – Buy Italian driving license online

It costs about 780 – 850 euros all inclusive to get your Italian license. Yes, it is cheaper than in most countries and you will see that it is also simpler. Beware of hidden fees and delays.

In fact, you have a time limit to pass the theoretical and practical tests of the Italian driving license. If you miss these deadlines, you will have to reapply and pay a new fee. I will come back to this point a little later.

You can buy driving license online and get test certificates

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You receive the pink sheet (foglio rosa) when you take the practical exam. This document allows you to practice driving on Italian roads provided that you are accompanied by a person with a driving license for the category you are applying for, that it was obtained at least 10 years ago and that the license holder is under 65 years old. Please note that this document is valid for 6 months.

Getting an italian driving licence without test – Buy Italian drivers license online

When issued, a Patente B has 20 points and when infractions occur, points are deducted.

  • The legal minimum age to drive a car (category B) or motorbike over 125 cc (category A2) is 18 years
  • The legal minimum age to drive a motorbike of 50cc to 125 cc (category A1) is 16 years
  • The legal minimum age to drive a moped up to 50 cc is 14 years (category AM)

In order to obtain the Patente B a person must be at least 18 years old and be in suitable physical condition (a medical certificate is required for eyesight, mental health and physical condition).

The process for obtaining an Italian driver’s licence is:

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